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Associate Therapists

Please complete the following application to join our network of associates therapists.


To join our network, therapist associates must:

  • Be licensed by a state board as an intern to provide mental health therapy under supervision (LPCA, LMSW, etc.).
  • Have current malpractice liability insurance.
  • Pass a background check.
  • Have reliable internet and phone service.
  • Be able to conduct live talk therapy.
  • Be willing to complete telemental health and social justice advocacy training.
  • Be a US resident.


  • Ability to obtain necessary client contact hours
  • Procurement of clinical supervision hours
  • Training in telemental health and social justice advocacy
  • Professional development
    • Assistance with licensure application
    • Preparation for licensing exam
    • Starting a private practice
  • Opportunities to potentially earn supplemental income 
  • Ability to gain clinical experience by working with clientele of color and marginalized communities
  • No membership fees or overhead costs*
*We take care of client referrals, billing, operational costs, marketing, and technology!
  • Flexible Schedule*
*You control your schedule and the number of people you work with!
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